Fire-Rescue International (FRI 2007)

Published:  01 July, 2007

IAFC conferences bring together thousands of the world’s leading experts on all facets of the fire service, from leadership and management to hazardous materials and wildland fires.
In Atlanta on the 23rd-25th of August, today’s fire professionals will be networking with industry leaders. Stay informed on the latest news and trends from the experts in the fire service and discover the newest innovations in products and services for the industry at this show with FIRE & RESCUE.
Here are just some of the top companies who submitted details before the cut-off date for our FRI 2007 preview.
Company: AMKUS Rescue Systems
Contact: Suzanne Le Roux
Tel: 001 630 515 1800
Stand: 1658/227
Products & services on show: Amkus Rescue Systems provide quality rescue equipment to departments around the world.  The range includes cutters, spreaders, hose reels, push-pull rams, PTO units, manual & auxiliary pumps, combination tools and rope rescue systems.
The company’s AMK-21 Cutter on show is the Certified Model NFPA 1936, 2005 edition. This has a unique 360 degree rotating handle with eight positions to allow rescuers to place the handle in the best position for the desired cutting action and a control valve placement provides compact design allowing greater access for the user.
The tool design is said to provide excellent balance and natural hand placement and is capable of meeting all automotive cutting requirements.
Company: Bullard
Tel: 001 877-BULLARD
Stand: 2334
Products & services on show: Founded in 1898, Bullard is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment. Bullard offers ‘cutting edge’ technology in thermal imagers and fire and rescue helmets and  respiratory protection devices. Bullard products are widely known among users to be ‘better under fire’. On show at FRI 2007 will be the new T4 Thermal Imager from Bullard which offers the latest technology to the fire service in a small, lightweight and compact package. T4 integrates an ultra-high resolution infrared engine, widescreen display, digital zoom, Super Red Hot colorisation and Electronic Thermal Throttle for maximum performance and clarity.
Company: Cutters Edge
Contact: Thomas Ruzich
Telephone: 001 760 765 0597
Stand: 1554
Products & services on show: Cutters Edge will be displaying its Multi-Cut Fire Rescue Saw with BULLET Chain, the CE101C Concrete Chainsaw with GCP Diamond Chain and its CE735R Rotary Rescue Saw with Black Star Diamond Blade. All saws are available in a Diamond Plate Aluminum Case Field Kit complete with everything needed for rescue cutting anywhere in the world.
Company: E-ONE
Contact: Sales
Tel: 352-237-1122
Stand: 1012
Products & services on show: Emergency One is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of fire rescue vehicles with more than 23,000 vehicles in operation around the world. Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, E-ONE is the industry leader in product innovations, new technologies and exceeding customer expectations.
E-ONE manufactures custom and commercial pumpers and tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, rescues of all sizes, quick attack units, industrial trucks, and aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles to meet the needs of fire departments, rescue/EMS squads, airports and Homeland Security agencies.
Don’t miss The Quest - E-ONE’s New Custom Chassis. A spokesman told F&R: “We’ve designed it to be stronger, more spacious, comfortable and user friendly. When it comes to visibility, this cab has no equal. From the tread plate aluminum roof to the extruded lattice sub frame, The Quest has been engineered to be the new benchmark in custom chassis construction.”
Also on show will be the new E-ONE Hybrid Electric Command Center.  “The development of the new E-ONE Hybrid Electric Command Center demonstrates the leadership role that E-ONE is taking in aggressively supporting the “20 in 10” vision set forth by President Bush to reduce dependency on foreign energy sources.” The advanced E-ONE HP 100 Platform (also on display) features a narrow 15’ 6” jack spread. The apparatus requires less space for side-to-side setup than a 75’ ladder while providing platform performance. An all-new variable speed control system elevates and rotates quicker based on platform position to deliver impeccable control.
Company: Federal Signal Corporation     
Contact: Melanie Thorne
Tel: 708-534-3400      
Stand: 1512
Products & services on show: Federal Signal is the leading supplier of audible and visual warning devices for vehicles. As part of the QuadraFlare LED perimeter light family range the latest in SOLARIS LED Reflector Technology will be on display during FRI 2007.
The 3330 and 3600 LED perimeter lights form the latest additions to the Federal Signal Product Line. These small lights are the same size and shape of the popular 3300 series models. Each light is manufactured with a watertight seal making them durable. Several mounting options are also available making these lights versatile enough for almost any application.
Federal Signal has also released its new MicroEscape LED beacon. The new MicroEscape offers exceptional performance by incorporating Solaris reflector technology and a built-in Intelli-Flash LED flasher. Each MicroEscape includes a permanent mount kit so no additional hardware is required and several models are available with various lens and LED colour combinations. The MicroEscape LED beacon can be used for a variety of applications and is suitable to compliment an NFPA-compliant lighting system.
Company: Fire and Emergency Training Network (FETN)
Contact: Phil Norris, Division Manager
Tel: 001 - 972 309 5317
Stand: 4021
Products & services on show: The Fire and Emergency Training Network (FETN) offers the most comprehensive training curricula for fire and emergency personnel. It provides training from the popular series’ American Heat and PULSE, and FETN.
FETN’s training options are designed to fit the unique needs and budget of any size department, and can be delivered in a variety of methods to meet the demand of the fire and emergency industry.  Whether the training is delivered to the desktop by streaming video via PRIMEnet, FETN’s online learning management system, or through traditional satellite, DVD or videotape delivery methods, subscribers to FETN have immediate access to training 24 hours a day. 
FETN’s award winning training content is in compliance and based on the standards established by organisations such as NFPA, DOT, ISO, EPA, OSHA, CECBEMS, the National Registry and CNE. 
Company: Rescue Vac Systems Inc.
Contact: David Adler
Tel: 001 800 301 6798
Stand nr: 2963
The Rescue Vac is the fastest and safest collapse, entrapment, and engulfment rescue system in the world.Using a combination of patented pneumatic, vacuum, and safety devices, the Rescue Vac rapidly aerates and removes soil, water, mud, sand, and many other collapse materials from rescue sites up to 80% faster than traditional methods!
Company: Fire Facilities Inc.
Contact: Sarah Sullivan
Tel: 608-327-4100
Stand: 956
Products & services on show:  Fire Facilities Inc. (FFI) manufactures a full-line of custom-designed steel fire training towers which have been engineered to withstand the toughest firefighting conditions - real ones.
From mobile units to highrise towers, Fire Facilities training models are available in any configuration. Each tower contains at least one live burn room to allow for repeat fires at high temperatures. Burn rooms are lined with the Westec 1800°F Insulation Panels, temperature monitoring system and roof chop-out curb areas to give safe, hands-on firefighting experiences under controlled conditions.
“Each department receives a training facility custom designed to its unique needs. Firefighters can be assured they have a tower that is built to train hard, built to train right,” says the manufacturer.
Company: Industrial Scientific Corporation          
Contact: Chris Lange
Tel: 412-788-4353
Stand: 1423
Products & services on show: The company makes gas detecting and monitoring products and services to detect and monitor combustible and toxic gases, VOCs and oxygen.  Ideal applications include carbon-monoxide response calls, overhaul air monitoring, hazmat response, arson investigation and confined space rescue operations.
On display will be the world’s first gas monitor with a color display. The MX6 iBrid Multi-Gas Monitor is the new full featured multi-gas monitor from Industrial Scientific.   The user-friendly design of the unit features a full-colour liquid crystal display and 5-way navigation button to scroll through the menu-based operating system. 
Designed to meet a variety of monitoring applications, the MX6 iBrid can be set up to detect from 1 to 6 gases, including options for PID and infrared sensors for combustible gases and Carbon-Dioxide. 
Configured with an internal sampling pump or for diffusion operation, it is ideal for applications from confined space entry to personal survey monitoring.  The MX6 iBrid is compatible with the award winning DS2 Docking Station and iNet Instrument Network to further simplify and automate calibration, function (bump) testing and data management.
 Company: Kidde Fire Trainers
Contact: Louis Orotelli, Int’l Marketing Manager
Tel: +1 201-300-8100
Stand: 3622
Kidde Fire Trainers is the world leader in live-fire training systems and centres for firefighting.  Kidde’s broad range of training systems replicate the smoke, heat, flames, & chaos of a real fire emergency, yet do so in a safe, controlled, and environmentally sound manner. 
Fuelled by propane or natural gas and controlled by computer, Kidde Fire Trainer systems are clean burning and don’t produce the air or water pollution associated with burning conventional fuels.
Company:  NACS-Vehicles, Div. of North American Catastrophe Services, Inc.
Contact:  Brian A. Dekle, President or Bob Sapp, Vice-President Marketing
Tel:  888-595-6227
Web Site:
Stand: 4168
Products & services on show: NACS-Vehicles will be exhibiting a Type I NIMS Compliant Mobile Operations Centre.  This vehicle is 45’ in length and is built on a Super Heavy-Duty Freightliner Columbia Chassis.  The vehicle features three large slide-out rooms for tremendous workspace and a walkthrough cab for access to the operations area.
The display vehicle can handle 15 personnel in a comfortable, efficient operations mode within three separate areas.  The forward area is dedicated to Operations and Communications.  The central area includes a bathroom and central equipment room that makes updating technology a snap.  The rear area is designed as a situation room or can be closed off for a private Conference room.  It is equipped with the latest technology such as:
• Auto-Deploy, Auto Tracking VSAT Satellite System for high-speed Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo/IP) dial-tones, and Video Teleconferencing.
• Radio over Internet Protocol (Ro/IP) dispatch system that allows the radio transceivers to be centrally located but accessible from any workstation, interior or exterior.
• Digital Hybrid Phone System which allows all dial-tone disciplines to be operated from a single handset.  This includes Vo/IP, a five-line Cellular interface, POTS line interface, even M-SAT or Global Star Satellite phone interfaces.  The system also features intercom and conference call capabilities.
• Server Computer with LAN to all workstations and exterior operations.
• Central Printer area with combination Color Printer/Fax/Copier.
• Video Surveillance with 42’ pneumatic mast and high-resolution camera.
• Video capabilities through a hybrid video switch that allows for all video feeds, including VGA from the Server or Laptops to be shown on all 6 included interior monitors as well as video feeds for the exterior.
• DSS System with two receivers, integrated into the video switch.
• Custom-built communications platform on the roof of the vehicle, which includes cable management system as well as diamond plate walkway.
• Dual Generators with surge protection package built into the racks in order to protect onboard components.  The Generators utilize the main fuel tanks (130-Gals.) and can operate 4-6 days without refueling.
• Will-Burt Night Scan pneumatic light tower for scene lighting as well as rear corner mounted pole lights for 360 degrees of lighting.
• LED Emergency lighting system and siren.
• Electric awning for exterior operations.
• Weather Station with separate monitor.
“Perhaps the best feature of this vehicle is the ease-of-use,” a spokesman told F&R. “All systems are configured for automatic operation. The vehicle can easily be deployed by one person and be fully operational within 5 minutes.  It is constructed of corrosion and rust-resistant materials with the undercarriage compartments being powder-coated and with #304 Stainless Steel covering all exterior compartment doors and corners.” 
Company: NIEDNER
Contact: Monique Labbe
Tel:  001 (819) 849 2751
Stand: 3430
Products & services on show: Niedner will be exhibiting fire hose for industrial, municipal, forestry and potable water industries as well as hose testers. Firefighters will probably be familiar with the company’s products which include Niedner LDH municipal hose.
This range is best known for its durable, lightweight, and compact qualities. Niedner makes and retails LDH hoses as an alternatives to the heavier, bulky fire hose of the past.
Niedner LDH hoses are typically used to supply water from a fire hydrant to fire apparatus such as an engine or tanker. Other products include:
• GLOTEK a unique municipal firefighting hose that incorporates reflective filaments woven directly into the warp (on both sides of the hose) for a durable reflective stripe that will not fade or wear off during normal use.
• HOTSTOP - a design similar to REELTEX, HOTSTOP has greater heat and abrasion resistance by using Aramid fiber in place of polyester.
• POWERLINE -  a unique fire hose designed by firefighters for maximum performance and dependability for firefighting. - POWERLINE is a 100% polyester double jacket, 400 PSIG (2800 kPa) service test pressure rated fire hose, with an EPDM rubber liner.
• REELTEX is a unique single jacket hose designed for use on hose reels, without the weight of traditional hard rubber hose. REELTEX handles easily and is an excellent choice for CAF system use.
• RXL-800 is said to be similar to XL-800; RXL-800 is a 100% polyester double jacket hose, lined with EPDM rubber liner for enhanced durability, kink resistance, and GPM flow, with a service test pressure rating of 400 PSIG (2800 kPa). RXL-800 is another very popular attack hose choice, and is also often selected for high-rise backpacks.
• STANDPIPE 600 is used to support standpipe systems of high-rise buildings that need greater pump pressures.
• SUPPLYLINE is the large diameter hose (LDH) fire departments wish they always had (says Niedner). SUPPLYLINE is a 100% polyester, double jacket, TPU elastomer lined hose with a service test pressure rating of 300 PSIG (2100 kPa).
• TIDALWAVE 600 is a unique lightweight 6” (152 mm) large diameter hose capable of significant water flow at higher pressures.
• ULTRA 2000 is a durable attack or high-rise backpack hose with a service test pressure rating of 400 PSIG (2800 kPa), ULTRA 2000 is for fire departments on the go.
• ULTRA FORCE 2000 is similar to ULTRA 2000, this durable fire hose with a service test pressure rating of 400 PSIG (2800 kPa). is a 100% polyester double jacket fire hose, but has an EPDM rubber liner for enhanced durability and kink resistance.
And finally - the XL-800 is regarded as Niedner’s most popular attack hose. Lighter and more compact than competitive attack hoses, XL-800 is a 100% polyester double jacket hose lined with TPU elastomer.
Company: Rosenbauer America
Contact: Sales
Tel: 605-543-5591
Stand: 649
Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. In the United States, Rosenbauer incorporates the international strength and innovation of a global company with top American manufacturing at  three locations; Central Divison, General Division, and Rosenbauer Aerials. Rosenbauer will launch a new articulating platform that allows fire departments to decrease set up time and increase firefighter safety when accessing parapet roofs or performing difficult below-grade rescues from bridges and waterways.
Offering an aerial height of 102’ and equipped with a 2,000 gpm pump, 300 gallon water tank, Class-A Foam and room for 115’ of ground ladders, the new Rosenbauer-Metz articulating platform helps decrease property loss by setting up in an industry best 25-30 seconds. Marketed in North America as ‘T-Rex,’ the new articulating platform incorporates Metz’s renowned electronic technology for smooth, agile movements. Since its unveiling in March, three departments have placed T-Rex orders; Cochrane, Alberta, Canada; Chestermere, Alberta, Canada; and Craig, Colorado. Deputy Chief David Humphrey, of the Cochrane Fire Department, notes that safety and ease-of-use were primary reasons for purchasing a T-Rex.
“We’re a combined Fire/EMS department that’s both part-time and full-time, so for some of our personnel, they don’t have the opportunity to work with a specific piece of equipment all day, every day. That’s why we have to choose the next best thing; a piece of equipment that allows our firefighters to become comfortable with it in just a few minutes of routine weekly or monthly training. I was very impressed on how easy the T-Rex was to operate and how safe I felt.”

Company: Scott Health & Safety
Contact: Various
Tel: 1-800-247-7257
Stand: 3118
Products & services on show: Scott Health & Safety is a world-leading designer of high performance respiratory protection systems and other life saving products. Scott Health & Safety is generally segmented into five key product lines including Air-Supplied Products, Air-Purifying Products, Thermal Imaging, Breathing Air Compressor Systems, and Portable and Fixed Gas detection instrumentation.

Company: TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute
Contact: Various
Tel: 866-878-8900
Stand: 4638
Products & services: Comprehensive firefighter training and emergency services instruction are provided by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). Whether at the renowned Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, Texas, or at customer-specified locations worldwide, TEEX offers high-quality emergency response training and instruction in more than 130 specialty areas.
TEEX has been providing unsurpassed fire training for emergency responders since 1929, when the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas selected Texas A&M University as the site for a permanent firefighter training school. Today, TEEX trains more than 81,000 emergency responders from all 50 states and 45 countries each year.
Company: TNT Rescue Systems, Inc.      
Contact: Brad Kraut
Tel: 920-474-4101 or 800-474-4189
Stand: 319
Products & services on show: Hydraulic rescue tools (cutters, spreaders, pumps, rams, forcible entry tools) Stabilisation struts, Pneumatic Shoring, Lifting bags.

Company: Total Fire Group
Contacts: various
Tel: 1-937-264-2662
Stand:1262 (and others)
Products & services on show: The most respected brands in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for firefighters are now available through one knowledgeable, well-trained, service oriented marketing group.
On show will be TOTAL PPE, a new offering of Total Fire Group and a comprehensive program designed to make ALL elements of fire department protective clothing simultaneously more cost efficient and more effectively protective, primarily through the use of in place industrial laundry, repair, tracking and clothing management infra structures (and the efficiencies these capitally intensive systems offer). The program can also be easily combined with the quartermaster programs.
Comments a spokesman: “Total Fire Group is developing TOTAL programs for four other ranges as well.”

Company: Trelleborg Protective Products AB
Contacts: Various
Tel: +46 (0)411 679 40
Stand: 3830
Products & services on show: Chemical protection & detection systems - plus Viking dry suits. These have, for more than 50 years, set the standards for durability, protection and compatibility among divers in principally all areas of the diving business. Whether commercially or sports diving oriented, Viking suits have fulfilled the highest set requirements and kept divers both safe and dry.
This applies not only to dry suits, the Viking product range also includes a full range of accessories; from hoods, helmet yokes and gloves to specially made valves and underwater bags, all of them meet the same requirements and are focused on quality and protection.
Company: University of Maryland University College
Contacts: Various
Tel: 800-888-UMUC
Stand: 4553
Products & services on show: University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is offering several degree and certificate programs in homeland security. 
Students can earn a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in fire science or emergency management.  UMUC also offers career-enhancing undergraduate certificates in Bio-Security, Public Fire-Protection Management and Administration, Security Management, Security Operations, Systems Approach to Fire Safety Technology and Management, and Terrorism and Institutions: Prevention and Response.
At the graduate level, UMUC offers a Master of Science (MS) in Management with a specialization in homeland security management.
For 60 years, UMUC has provided educational opportunities for adults in the workforce and now enrolls 90,000 students worldwide. The university was named a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security.

Company: Whelen Engineering Company
Contacts: Jeff Argersinger
Tel: 860-526-9504 Ext. 2213
Stand: 2834
Products on show include: an array of Whelen specialist light products including strobe lights, heavy duty models, Rotating Warning Lights  Explosion Proof Lighting, Audible/Visual Products and Audible Alerting Devices.

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