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Published:  14 April, 2016

Powered by more than 60 years of experience and know-how in advanced fire protection technology, Lehavot is a leading global supplier of state-of-the-art fire suppression systems.

With our worldwide network of subsidiaries and international distributors, major companies in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia such as Coca-Cola, Sheraton, Solaris, Irizar and Lonmin (to name just a few) benefit from top quality sales & post sales service supported by Lehavot’s team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Utmost reliability

Lehavot’s uncompromising commitment to quality stems from our deep understanding that human lives and valuable assets are dependent on the utmost reliability of our products and solutions.

Lehavot products are certified to the most stringent international commercial and military standards such as FM, UL, EN, CE, and MIL Specs. An ISO 9000 compliant quality control system is in use throughout LEHAVOT’s facilities and operations. All systems are extensively tested in our in-house fire testing complex as well undergoing tough field tests.

Lehavot is also an approved supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defence, where our highly robust systems operate under the harshest and most severe conditions.

Superior efficiency

Lehavot’s products and solutions have a well-earned reputation for superior operational performance. Our cost-effective, easy-to-maintain systems are designed for maximum fire suppression efficiency along with low power requirements and minimal environmental impact.

Advanced proprietary technology

Lehavot’s unmatched R&D expertise allows us to design and produce the most innovative fire protection systems in the world. At the core of all of our best-of-breed solutions is our own sophisticated technology such as the revolutionary Delta linear fire & heat detector.

The Delta is a paradigm shift in fire and heat detection. Its linear stainless steel detection tube utilizes state-of-the-art pneumatic and electronic technologies to sensitively analyse the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR), providing real-time and reliable alerts to fire or overheating. The patented Delta is easily installed in large areas or confined spaces, always providing optimal detection coverage. The Delta’s predefined thresholds can be configured to fit the needs of the most diverse monitoring environments.

The key Delta benefits are:

· Super-fast detection: Detects out-of-range temperature fluctuations in less than 1 second

· Distant sensing: Identifies overheating or fire at a considerable distance

· Robust & durable: Tolerates grime, dirt and other harsh conditions

· Reliable performance: Built-in-Test capability alerts to degraded performance

· Replaces multiple detectors and separate control unit: low maintenance; low power consumption.

The Delta is certified to the following civilian and military standards:

· EN54FM 3210

· MIL-STD 810 - For environmental conditions

· MIL-STD 461 - For electromagnetic compatibility

· MIL-STD 1275 - For characteristics of 28V DC electrical systems in military vehicles

Lehavot Systems are designed for a wide range of sectors:

· BUSShield Scroll to BUSShield

· KITCHENShield Scroll to KITCHENShield

· MINEShield Scroll to MINEShield

· DEFENSEShield Scroll to DEFENSEShield

BUSShield - State-of-the-art fire protection for the millions who use public transportation every day

Bus fires pose an exceptionally catastrophic threat of injury, death and loss of property. Bus fire events often originate in either the engine or battery compartments, both of which are usually out of the driver’s line-of-sight. The longer the time that elapses between a fire breaking out and its detection, the greater the risk of disastrous results.

BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable bus fire protection system comprised of:       

1. Engine Compartment Protection Module:

· The unique and rugged DELTA Rate-of-Rise pneumatic-electronic linear fire & heat detector (see above)

· Suppression agent & nozzles

2. Battery Compartment Protection Module:

· Fire detector

· Suppression agent & nozzles

3. Command & Control Unit:

· Mounted on the dashboard, the command & control’s indicators automatically warn the driver in real-time of a detected fire threat or event in the engine compartment.

The key benefits of BUSShield are:

· Super-fast DELTA detection: Minimizing the risk of damage and injuries

· Real-time driver alerts: The system immediately alerts the driver to a threat or an event long before it is in his/her line-of-sight

· Efficient extinguishing action: Utilizes dry powder to suppress all classes of fires and prevent re-ignition. The extinguishing system can be activated manually in the rare case of a failure in the automatic activation system.

· Easy installation and low maintenance: The Delta’s unique, flexible stainless steel linear sensor tubing can be easily routed to monitor long distances or confined spaces. The Delta’s Built-in-Test capability virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance, alerting automatically to degraded performance.

· Reliable and robust: Low risk of false alarms; high tolerance to harsh conditions such as grime, dirt, dust, etc.

· Documentation: Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in the Delta’s non-volatile memory and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.

BUSShield is certified to the following standards:

· IS0 9001:2008 - Quality assurance certification

· FM 3210

KITCHENShield - State-of-the-art fire protection for industrial kitchens

The KITCHENShield is an automatic, pre-engineered WCK kitchen fire suppression system that protects the entire kitchen area - including ducts and plenums - as well as all cooking appliances, whether electric or gas-operated. KITCHENShield is suitable for both small and large industrial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other public institutions. 

The KITCHENShield is comprised of the following components:

1. Nozzles are arranged to provide maximum coverage for the extinguishing agents.

2. Heat detectors are installed within the plenum and connected to each other and to the extinguishing system by a continuous cable under tension. Each detector has a fusible link that will separate at a predetermined detected temperature, relieving tension on the cable and activating the extinguishing system.

3. Specially formulated extinguishing agents are stored under pressure. During a fire they are automatically discharged and distributed over all protected areas. KITCHENShield also interrupts the supply of gas or electricity.

4. Manual pull station.

The key benefits of KITCHENShield are:

· Fast detection: Quickly detects fires to minimize damage and injuries

· Stainless-steel friendly: The extinguishing liquid has a low acid level (pH<9) and thus protects stainless steel surfaces

· Dual action: Simultaneously extinguishes the fire and interrupts the energy supply

· Environmentally friendly: Water-based extinguishing agent that is not harmful to the environment

· Customized solution: The system’s modular design facilitates easy on-site adaptation to meet each kitchen’s unique and diverse requirements.

· Fast, flexible installation: The flexibly mounted discharge piping, manual pull station and gas valve makes it easy to accommodate a wide range of kitchen configurations and requirements

· Mechanical system: Does not require N2 or CO2 cylinder to operate the dry chemical agent

· Multiple cylinders: Largest amount of cylinders (up to 6 units) and longest distance between them than any other system on the market

The KITCHENShield is certified according to the following standards:

· UL-300 Listed: Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas

· CE 0029 Mark

· ANSI NFPA Standard 17A: Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

· ANSI NFPA Standard 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

MINEShield - The ultimate fire protection solutions for the harsh conditions of mining applications

When you combine 24/7, heavy-duty, non-stop working with heat, flammable liquids, turbo chargers, exhaust fumes and electrical components, the risk of fire in mines is exceptionally high. Conveyor belts - with their continuous friction, high working temperatures and static electricity build-up - represent a particularly high fire risk, as they might spread furious fire over long distances.Fires grow rapidly in scope and intensity; hence the elapsed time between the onset of a fire and its detection is critical!

MINEShield - The ultimate fire protection

At the heart of Lehavot’s MINEShield solutions is Delta - our unique pneumatic-electronic linear fire & heat detector that analyses the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR) within monitored regions, providing real-time alerts to fire or overheating and, where appropriate, automatically triggering the suppression system.

MINEShield features and benefits include:

· Fast Delta Detection – Rapidly detects fires, minimizing damage and injuries.

· Extremely Reliable – Low rate of false alarms.

· Distant Sensing – Identifies fires or overheating occurring at a considerable distance. It does not require line-of-sight to the fire.

· Central Control Unit – Provides audio and visual indications, manual operation & control capabilities.

· Performance Monitoring – Advanced Built-in Test (BIT) module that indicates failure in the event of reduced performance over the detection tubing.

· Robust Structure and Durability – Non-pressurized system better tolerates grime, dirt, and extreme environmental conditions.

· Low Cost of Ownership – Relatively low cost, low maintenance, and low power consumption.

· Cost-Effective – A single unit replaces multiple ordinary detector units and a separate control unit.

DEFENSEShield - Total fire protection coverage for military vehicles

It is imperative that combatants be protected from fire in their military vehicle, whether it’s a tank, truck or armored personnel carrier. Based on extensive battlefield experience, LEHAVOT’s comprehensive DEFENSEShield system provides multi-zone fire detection and suppression for military vehicles, covering the crew compartment, engine, fuel tank, tires, battery compartment, and outer envelope.

DEFENSEShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable military vehicle fire protection system comprised of:

1. Engine Compartment Protection Module: The unique and rugged Delta Rate-of-Rise pneumatic-electronic linear fire & heat detector, which responds with high accuracy and sensitivity to temperature rises that exceed a predetermined rate (temperature rise/minute), irrespective of the starting temperature (see above).

2. Suppression agent & discharge system

· The outer envelope is fitted with a fire detection and suppression system that offers protection against Molotov cocktails and facilitates crew evacuation.

· The tires are protected with a high performance product that extinguishes all classes of fires and prevents the fire from reigniting.

3. Battery Compartment Protection Module:

· Fire detector

· Suppression agent & discharge nozzles

4. Crew compartment protection module: Equipped with optical detectors and fire suppression agents that shield the crew in case of fire or high temperature.

The key benefits of DEFENSEShield are:

· Fast detection – All of the fire detection products used detect fires in real-time to minimize damage and injuries. In particular, the Delta linear detector that is used in all areas except the crew compartment detects out-of-range temperature fluctuations in less than 1 second.

· Robust in harsh conditions – Eliminates leakage failures, high tolerance for grime and dirt.

· Easy installation – Lehavot's proprietary Delta linear detector is durable, flexible stainless steel tubing that is easily routed to monitor large compartments or tight spaces.

· Cost-effective – No need for multiple detector units.

· Durable – Battle-proven system.

· Low cost of ownership – Relatively low cost, low maintenance.

· Flexible – The high-performance system supports both automatic and manual operation.

· Efficient – Extinguishes all classes of fires.

DEFENSEShield is certified to the following civilian and military standards:

· ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality assurance certification


· EN 54

· MIL-STD 810–- For environmental conditions

· MIL-STD 461 – For electromagnetic compatibility

· MIL-STD 1275 – For Characteristics of 28V DC electrical systems in military vehicles

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