Firefighting with C6 foams

Published:  24 April, 2015

Solberg announces UL and ULC (Canada) certification for its Arctic AFFF and Arctic AR-AFFF ATC foam concentrates.

The Arctic foam concentrates are PFOS-free synthetic fire fighting foam concentrates used to effectively extinguish Class B fuel fires using fresh, sale or brackish water.

Arctic AFFF foam concentrates are available in 1%, 3% and 6% concentrations. Arctic ATC foam concentrates are for use on Class B hydrocarbon as well as polar solvent fuel fires. ATC concentrates are available in 1x3%, 3x3%, and 3x6% formulations.

‘We're elated to have reached this level of product development and fire performance with our Arctic product line’ said Steve Hansen, General Manager of Solberg. ‘Solberg is committed to environmental responsibility, compliance with regulations affecting foam agents, and leadership in foam chemistry.’

In May 2012, Arctic AFFF and ATC foam product lines became C6 fluorochemical based, which made Solberg the first foam manufacturer in the Americas to offer commercially available foam concentrates that were compliant to the US Environment Protection Agency’s 2015 Stewardship Program.

Under the EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program, fluorochemical manufacturers voluntarily agreed to a 95% reduction of C8 and longer homologues by year-end 2010, and a 100% reduction by year-end 2015.

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