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Published:  01 July, 2014

Spectrex Inc. is a world leader in optical flame and combustible gas detection, with over 30 years experience in providing solution for the protection of high-risk onshore and offshore oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical sites, including protection of storage tanks, filling operations, aircraft hanagars, atria and many other areas where hydrocarbons fires are a concern.

SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors

As a market leader in optical flame detection, Spectrex has introduced new technologies which are now industry standards while maintaining fast, reliable detection with the highest false alarm immunity, alongside many other key features such as a large field of view, heated windows, low power consumption and more. The wide range of SharpEye products is focused on both high-value, high-risk industries, such as the oil & gas industry, power plants, the pharmaceutical industry, explosive production and storage, waste handling facilities and many more, as well as the commercial sector, for example large public buildings, malls, car parking towers, train stations and more.

SharpEye Flame Detectors are approved to the majority of key standards and function to the highest standard, even in extreme conditions. For added convenience and protection, a range of accessories are available, including a pole mount (U-bolt), flame simulator, air shield, rain cover, weather protector and many more. The detectors offer self-testing for continuous optimal operation and interface options including 0-20mA (stepped), HART, dry relay contacts and RS-485 ModBus, together with a relatively compact and lightweight design with low power consumption.

SharpEye 40/40 Series

The SharpEye 40/40 range is the flagship series of Spectrex optical flame detectors, including patented IR3technology, detecting at up to 215ft (65m), Multi IR, detecting hydrogen fires at up to 125ft (38m), combined UV/IR types, offering more cost effective detection, ultra fast detectors, single IR and UV detectors, provide the highest false alarm immunity, a large field of view, and enhanced reliability and durability.

The detectors have a heated lens for continued availability in difficult environments and can operate in temperatures between -67°F to +167°F (-55°C to +75°C), with an option of up to +185°F (+85°C).  They also have the reassurance of many third party approvals:

  • Performance - FM 3260 and EN54-10, DNV
  • Reliability - IEC 61508 - SIL2 (TUV) certification
  • Hazardous Area Ex - ATEX, IECEx Zones 1 / 2 / 21 / 22, FM/FMC, CU TR, Inmetro

The detectors included in the SharpEye 40/40 range are:

SharpEye 20/20 Compact Mini Series

With small and compact detectors, the SharpEye 20/20 Mini Series provides a tailored solution for a range of industries where approvals are required but space may be an issue, including aircraft hangars, waste handling plants, heavy duty vehicles, marine vessels, among others. Commercial applications can particularly benefit from this series, as size and aesthetics are important.

The detectors included in the SharpEye 20/20M range are:

20/20MPI Mini Indoor Flame Detector

The Mini Indoor Flame Detector is a low cost, high performance, compact Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector in a lightweight polycarbonate housing. It retains all the benefits of IR3 technology - long distance detection (up to 140ft / 43m) along with the highest immunity to false alarms.

The IR3 detector, with its lightweight housing and low power consumption, is especially suited to indoor applications, such as airport terminals, train stations, storage areas, public buildings, atria and many others, protecting lives and assets to the highest level where industrial standards are not necessarily required.

The 20/20MPI has FM, EN54-10 and CPR functional approvals.

Open Path Gas Detectors

SafEye Open Path Line of Sight Gas Detectors provide fast, accurate gas detection in the most extreme of environments, at long distances and can replace a number of 'point' type gas detectors, providing better coverage. The detectors boast one-person alignment and commissioning, yet hold the toughest functional, hazardous Ex and reliability approvals.

All detectors incorporate heated windows to minimize any effects from condensation, icing, snow with an operating temperature range of -67°F to +149°F (-55°C to +65°C), and are totally immune to interference from sunlight or any other sources of radiation such as flare stacks, arc welding or lightning. A range of outputs are available including mA, HART, Modbus RS485 to suit all control systems.

A range of accessories are available for extra convenience and protection, including pole mounts (U-bolt), commissioning/alignment kit and communication accessories. To view all the accessories, click here.

SafEye Quasar 900 Open Path Flammable Gas Detector Series

The Quasar 900 Open Path Flammable Gas Detector series provides reliable detection of hydrocarbon gases at distances of up to 660ft (200m), contains an event recorder and is suited to a wide range of applications within the oil and gas industry, including offshore platforms, FPSOs, gas transport and pipelines, gas filling, perimeter monitoring, large storage areas, petrochemical plants and more. The standard measuring range is 0-5 LEL.m for C1 to C8 hydrocarbons, including methane, ethylene, propane, butane, etc.

Third party approvals for the Quasar 900 include:

  • Performance – FM/FMC  and EN60079-29-4
  • Reliability - IEC 61508 - SIL2 (TUV)
  • Hazardous Area EX - ATEX, IECEx, FM/FMC, Inmetro, CU TR

SafEye Quasar 950/960 Open Path Toxic Gas Detector Series

The SafEye 950/960 Open Path Toxic gas detectors are able to detect toxic gases at low concentrations and at long distances. The Quasar 950 model is unique in detecting toxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas and the Quasar 960 model detects toxic Ammonia (NH3) gas, both with path lengths of up to 263ft (80m). Additionally, benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons can be detected by the Quasar 950. This is especially important now due to the new EPA Benzene ruling. The Quasar 950 and 960 models can be tailored to protect your personnel and high-risk installation. Reliability is key and is assured with SIL2 (pending).

Applications which can benefit from the Quasar 950/960 detectors include the Oil & Gas industry at the desulfurization stage where H2S can be found, toxic chemical production, chemical and petrochemical industries where aromatic hydrocarbons can be found, the food industry, where ammonia is used as a coolant, ammonia production, storage and transportation, monomer, polymer and plastic production, and many more.

The SafEye 950/960 has ATEX/IECEx Hazardous Area Ex approval (pending), SIL2 approval (pending) and CU TR approval.

SafEye 300 Duct Mounted

The SafEye 300 duct-mounted open-path detector is a perfect solution for rapid combustible gas detection in air and turbine intake ducts with widths between 2ft and 50ft (0.6m – 15m), as it has a high-speed response of just two seconds.

Ranges include 0-2.5 LEL.m or 0-1 LEL.m. The detector is Ex approved, meets SIL2 requirements and includes HART capability.

The SafEye 300 Duct Mounted detector has ATEX, ATEX (de), FM and CU TR Hazard Area Ex approvals, FM functional approval and SIL2 reliability approval. 

Regional Offices

Spectrex Inc.

218 Little Falls Road

Cedar Grove

07009 New Jersey


Tel: +1 973 239 8398 (HQ)

Email: spectrex@spectrex.net


USA (Texas office)

16203 Park Row, Suite 150

Houston, Texas 77084


Phone: +1 (832) 321-5229

Mr. Jay Cooley jay@spectrex.net



Mr. Ian Buchanan,

Regional Sales Manager

6 Applecross Road

Glasgow G66 3TJ

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 141 578 0693

Email: ian@spectrex.net



Mr. Deryk Walker,

Regional Sales Manager

59 Fen Ji Hu, Danshui

Taipei County 25163

Taiwan (ROC)

Phone: +886 2 8626 2893

Email: deryk@spectrex.net

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