Pierce Saber

Showcasing the all-new Saber and Enforcer custom chassis, the Pierce booth at the Fire Department Instructors' Conference in Indianapolis (7-12 April) features 14 apparatus.

SP Sweden takes laser measurements of droplet size distributions from the Cold Cut Systems high pressure ‘cutting extinguisher’.

Scenario portfolio includes joint interoperability training events and the capability to support Gold level scenarios.

Not only does this monitor boast a 360-degree field of attack, but it mounts almost anywhere.

E2S Warning Signals’ new Guide for Hazardous Areas is available as a free download and is aimed at specifiers and hazardous area engineers.

Training specialist Haagen unveils the latest member of its family of smoke generators – the portable Vico.

Four C6-foam concentrates pass UL rigorous fire and performance tests – ‘significant milestone’ achieved.

Firefighters in the EMEA region will be able to trade in any existing thermal imaging cameras for discounts on new Flir models K40 and K50.

The new kit meets EN 469: 2005 and has been designed for hot climates.

The dedicated site showcases a complete range of Nomex-containing garments for the fire and industrial markets.

Tests show there are benefits to using Long Term Evolution (4G) mobile data to improve public services – while using existing PMR (personal mobile radio) infrastructure.

The Hemisphere transportable monitor.

With world headquarters in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA, Task Force Tips remains a family owned business dedicated to being a worldwide leader in providing emergency responders with high quality, innovation agent delivery solutions since 1971.

Alert4All uses different communication channels – including fire systems – to send out emergency messages: SEE VIDEO.

As of Monday 18th November organisations can direct critical information to the right people at the right time with a dedicated Twitter programme.

Scientists launch world's first evacuation software to simulate realistic human behaviour associated with lift evacuation

UL listing for RF3 now includes bladder tanks, proportioners, foam chambers, foam makers and fire sprinklers.

The new spreader weighs only 20.3kg and yet has a minimum spreading force of 53kN– which makes it the most lightweight in its category (BS 53/800-20).

CFA volunteer fire brigade in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) acquires Hytrans hose layer and recovery system.

Nearly 100,000 miles of crude oil, natural gas, refined products and other commodity pipelines updated.

No-one should design offshore platforms without having felt the heat of such giant fires, say Norwegian fire research scientists.

Firefighters no longer need to devise their own solution for securing a hydraulic pump in a rescue vehicle - and with the new device they can pull out and put back the pump quickly and easily.

Re-Healing Foam RF3x6ATC

Re-Healing Foam RF 3x6 ATC

Level C certification has been achieved with Re-Healing RF3x6 ATC at 6%.

Swedish fire services adopt an aerosol unit for rapid extinguishment – what can other countries learn from Sweden's experience?

Portable gas detector manufacturer Crowcon has put together an informative and entertaining scenario to show why bump testing is important.

Wi-Fi-enabled variant of Portable All-terrain Wireless System launched by comms specialist – SEE VIDEO.

DuPont launches internet tool that provides interactive support for finding the most appropriate chemical protective suit.

Scott Safety and Motorola sign development agreement that will enhance fireground safety.

Euro VI is coming into force on January 1, 2014. However what does it actually mean for vehicle operators? Hemmingfire highlights ten key aspects of the new engine legislation.

Peter Parsons, Chairman of ISO technical committee committee ISO/TC 21, subcommittee SC 3, explains why the latest standard is significant.

Getac partners with ecom instruments to offer ‘the world’s first rugged Android 4.1 tablet with explosion protection’.

The price tag for the privately held manufacturer of fixed and portable gas and radiation detections systems, and software was  $340 million.

Apps for public safety are growing at an impressive rate – which is why APCO International (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials) decided to launch a dedicated online application community. Jose Sanchez de Muniain spoke with Jeff Cohen, APCO's Chief Counsel for Law and Policy, and Mark Reddish, Government Relations Associate, to find out more about AppComm.

Research raises concerns over smoke detectors’ effectiveness in waking up children.

The new public safety application website, AppComm, will provide a single online forum dedicated to emergency response apps.

Solberg's Re-Healing RF3 provides fluorosurfactant-free ‘enhanced fire safety and environmental sustainability’

Remote-controlled monitor ‘is able to move in ways no other monitor has ever moved for us.’

The low pressure, portable 75-litre liquid oxygen storage and gaseous distribution system is capable of supplying up to 64,500 gaseous litres of on-board oxygen.

The iResponse Emergency Management software is used in over 20 countries for consequence modelling for thermal, dispersion and overpressure scenarios.

At FIREX International FLIR Systems will be unveiling a brand new range of uncooled radiometric cameras.

Research in Germany and the Netherlands found hazardous levels of gases and vapours in around 20% of all containers.

Introduction to rechargeable remote-area lighting systems from Peli.

Solberg has launched new foam technology that provides environmental sustainability and enhanced fire safety.

The new TETRA radio from Sepura is IECEx/ATEX approved.

Left to right: Dr. Timo Czech, MD, Lion Apparel Germany, and Commandant Eli van Strien, Amsterdam Fire Service, signing the contract.

One of the biggest ‘single issue’ orders for fire kit in the Netherlands has been received by Lion Apparel Germany.

Jewel Fire Systems announces E-Series range of portable water mist fire extinguishers.

4G is now a reality for consumers – what does this signal for emergency users?  David Taylor, Lead Consultant, Analysys Mason, explains

European standard specifies the requirements, test methods and performance criteria for visual alarm devices in fire detection and fire alarm systems, writes Leanne Danby, Marketing Executive at Cooper Fulleon.

BAA Group Fire Service Compliance and Assurance Manager Graeme Day talks to Jose de Muniain about why the leading UK airport operator is currently changing to fluorine-free foam.

New products provide optimal delivery of cornstarch-based water enhancer.

Latest innovation in fire detection technology significantly reduces installation time 

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