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Published:  01 October, 2008

A Vetter lift

Vetter has launched a new lifting bag which achieves a 25 per cent increase in lifting power compared to its 85-tonne solution.
The new S Tec bags achieve this powerful performance through a new operating pressure of 10 bar/145psi as opposed to the previous 8 bar Mini Lifting bags.
New practical design features include: reflecting centre and edge markers for improved visibility: up to three uniquely raised position aids on each side of the bag enabling easy handling, even in the dark: rounded side profiles to simplify insertion under a load.

New thermal dimension

Draeger’s new UCF Thermal Imaging Cameras use the very latest sensor technology to ensure sharp, detailed, high-contrast thermal images and direct temperature readings.
Comprising the UCF 1600 and UCF 3200, the range features MicroIR VOx bolometer technology for unique image coloration and quality in even the densest smoke filled environments. Providing clear, detailed images as well as direct temperature readings, the cameras also incorporate a digital 2x zoom. An optional Thermal Scan function allows hidden sources of heat to be detected quickly and clearly. Offering two transparent colour operating modes (Firefighting mode for extremely high temperatures and Normal mode for lower temperatures), the cameras are also be supplied with a selection of six UCF colour palettes to provide an optimum display of different thermal images.  In normal operating mode the “TempColor” standard colour palette displays cold areas below 0°C in blue and hot areas above 110°C in transparent yellow/orange shades.  In firefighting mode, hot areas above approx. 300°C are shown in shades of transparent yellow, orange and red. Up to five additional colour palettes can be used in normal operating mode.

The FireDrake Mobile Monitor

A company founded by firefighters has launched a mobile monitor designed both for reconnaissance and fast fire attack. “Although the FireDrake Mobile Monitor looks like a toy, it is definitely not,” commented General Manager of FireDrake Industries Lisa Mortimeyer. “It is a patented piece of firefighting equipment that applies water, Thermo-Gel, Thermo-Foam, AFFF or any other chemical needed for HAZMAT control or other serious incidents.” The monitor weighs 570 lbs-1270 lbs (depends on option packages and model) and has thermal imaging capabilities, chem sensors and is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway and climb stairs.  The application rate is from 350-1000gpm, depending upon the model. “It is built to protect firefighters from the unpredictable and serious consequences seen in industrial firefighting such as BLEVE's and structural collapse. Our goal is to save 100-200 firefighters every year in the United States. All parts are made in the USA and we have an ‘unusual’ replacement policy for each and every unit that is sacrificed to save firefighters lives.” The unit is available now and oil and gas refineries, pipeline facilities and chemical manufacturing and storage plants, and tank farms are showing interest.

CCTV solution for Palm Jumeirah

D-Tec – part of AD Group – has announced that its partner in the Middle East region, BSS-ME, has supplied, tested, and commissioned seven advanced IP-based, NetVu Connected, FireVu units to provide a state-of-the-art CCTV-based VSD (Video Smoke Detection) solution for the main tunnel at the famous Palm Jumeirah man-made island in Dubai. The creation of the Palm Jumeirah, which has been dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world”, has dramatically changed the Dubai area, doubling the Emirate’s beach front real estate and playing host to an impressive array of world-class residences, hotels, retail, entertainment and leisure facilities. The 1.4km, 40-metre wide undersea link is now monitored around the clock by BSS-ME’s supplied FireVu based solution. The box-like Palm Jumeirah tunnel was designed and constructed to hold three individual tubes, with each outer tube carrying three lanes of traffic and pedestrian walkways in each direction. The inner tube is used as a service tunnel and also in the event of an incident for emergency evacuation. The FireVu units are connected to 28 fixed CCTV cameras positioned strategically throughout the tunnel’s two outer tubes – 14 in each. Crucially, the cameras used for Video Smoke Detection are the same as those for security and other surveillance tasks – such as traffic management – in the tunnel. CCTV images are analysed in real time by image processing software. VSD seeks out the particular pattern that smoke produces through the application of extensive detection and known false alarm algorithms.

Radios with lone working protection

A new series of two-way radios with integrated lone working protection has been introduced by Radio Europe. The PT7200 is available in VHF or wideband UHF, and exceeds MLSTD 810 and IP54. The man down alarm sends a signal to a control centre or other radios following pre-warning user alerts. An additional panic button can also send signals or open the voice channel.
The PT7200 also has a whisper mode, and stun/revive function for lost or stolen units.
An optional GPS feature can pinpoint a user’s location in conjunction with mapping.

Get protected in a VPS-Flash

Trelleborg Protective Products has announced the next generation of Flash Protective Hazmat Suits, the Trellchem VPS-Flash. It is fully certified to NFPA 1991-2005 and has also gained optional chemical flash fire certification. This unique certification has been achieved with a single layer, providing better manoeuverability and comfort to the wearer. The new Trellchem VPS-Flash is a reusable one layer suit that far exceeded the minimum requirements. In the Overall Ensemble Flash Test, following exposure to a six to eight second flash fire, the suit held pressure and passed a visual acuity test of 20/100 or better. To pass the Flammability Resistance Test, following a series of burns, the suit must self extinguish after two seconds. The Trellchem VPS-Flash did not ignite.  The Trellchem VPS-Flash is made of a new patent pending material that combines specialized rubber and plastic laminates with a special woven fabric, forming a strong and flexible material that offers outstanding chemical flash fire protection.

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